Ripe for your picking

With us ideas, concepts & designs are always new, enticingly different & trendsetting. Our services are varied and delivered with an unwavering eye for detail. We offer exceptional  services for all occasions and we pride ourselves on offering our clients an innovative and memorable experience.

We make it happen

Our passion drives us, values define us & our culture differentiates us. All we do is based on intellect, experience and the humanity of our staff. We propose a great story and make it come true. We're dedicated and skilled in pulling every aspect of an event together to make sure it meets your objectives. 

We meet your budget

Our strength lies in the ability to control overheads & logistics to suit your budget. Our supporting services are managed in house, which means savings & more value for you. Our attention to detail also ensures the overall success of an event with budgets kept in check.

That's best part

We understand your needs, working style & concerns. We adapt and go with it. So relax, we'll work together and accommodate you always. We know how important image is when positioning your brand. we think synergism.



We're not just event organizers, we create concepts, we build sets, we take your ideas & make them happen. And all our core services are in-house which means you benefit from clear lines of communication and cost effectiveness. Our core services range from client servicing, project management including coordinating all logistical aspects of event planning from start to finish. We understand your brand, objectives to meet, maximize impact and lasting impressions on your audience. We do post event analysis and assessment of your desired key performance indicators with respect to data acquired during the event.


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